Flat earth society

For those blessed enought to haven’t seen this:


This is a verry interesting site. On the outside it seems a crappy site about people believing in a flat earth………..you heard me. People actually think the earth is flat. Now i’m not really stupid, so either they are the best trolls I’ve ever seen or they are just stupid to the point their brain is a waste of cells.

The real magic happens on their forums as FE (flat earth) believers try and convince/troll (scrap the one that’s more aplied to you) the RE (round earth) believers into thinking the earth is flat. It’s  quite funny. Some people think there is an ice wall, other seem to think that the moons glow is from speccial moon shrimp. I’m seriously not making this up.

If you want to have a giggle visit the forums and be amazed at the ultra trolling event of the century that is the flat earth society.


Powershell continues

Oke, so i have my basic code that I can pipe back into an out-gridview command. Now if i could only figure out the correct filter to search only for users 🙂

$strFilter = "(&(objectCategory=User))"

$objDomain = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry

$objSearcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher
$objSearcher.SearchRoot = $objDomain
$objSearcher.PageSize = 1000
$objSearcher.Filter = $strFilter
$objSearcher.SearchScope = "Subtree"

$colProplist = "name" , "Type"
foreach ($i in $colPropList){$objSearcher.PropertiesToLoad.Add($i)}

$colResults = $objSearcher.FindAll()


foreach ($objResult in $colResults)
{$objItem = $objResult.Properties; $objItem.name}


Yes indeed

I hate these kind of network closet (it’s actually an old electricity closet). It really needs allot of work (and maybe an upgraded switch :D)

Powershell nightmares

I’m trying to get my AD users to view in a nice gridview with powershell. This works nice with other commands, but I can’t seem to get the damn thing to work. Somewhere deep beneath the out-gridview is a block that is preventing me from doing so :p. A recent contact told me that computers are always right………I’m starting to doubt that :p. Anyways I’l keep trying (I’m actually having fun scripting).

Logof time on terminal server (2008)

People were recently complaining about the short idle log off times on my company’s terminal server 2008 enviorment. After some searching in the group policy’s I found this:

Computer configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Windows components/Terminal services/Terminal server/Session Time Limits/Set time limit for active but idle Terminal Services sessions

Just placed this on 30 minutes to make sure people get enough time.

This was in my default domain controler policy. A quick gpupdate /force helped with the destribution of the new gpo.

Migrating a windows NT machine to vmware sphere (esxi)

A lot of people still have those silly windows NT machines running. They are older then the building they are standing in and consume twice as much electricity. Hardware of these machines is always a point of concern with old harddrives prone to crashing and data loss. Luckely vmware offers us an “easy” way of virtualizing such machines.


For those who know not of virtualisation: it’s the proces of running multiple guest PC’s on 1 single host PC. This means you can have 5 windows xp machines on 1 fysical server. This cuts down on power and reliability issues. You still need to keep some things in mind tough: is my host strong enough?, Is there specific hardware (like modems) involved?,etc…..

Installing vmware sphere and converting machines:

Just download the iso file, burn it to a CD and boot from that CD. Easy like that! I was suprised at how fast everything was set up. I virtualized 2 xp machines within the hour and was now facing the dreaded NT machine. I used the vmware convertor tool from the vmware website to convert the live nt machine to a virtual counterpart. This tool isn’t free (it’s a 30 trail) but works great. There were problems however……….the new vmware convertor doesn’t support windows nt anymore. You need to install the 3.x convertor and the 4.x convertor. Then, install the vmware tools on your nt machine (the 3.x tools). Let the 3.x convertor do it’s job and make sure the destination is an image on your machine. My NT machine had a 10Mb connection so this took a fair amount of time.

The image you created is not supported by the new vsphere server. that’s why you also need the 4.x convertor. Run the convertor and set the destination fille to your vsphere server. If all goes well, you should have a working NT server up and running. It’s a bit of a hassle to get it working, but it works non the less.

One more tip: 9 chances out of 10 your network card won’t work in the virtualized enviorment. Just install the latest vmware tools and remove the nework card. Add a new card and the vmware drivers should be added to your network card drivers. Just select and install to ensure a working network connection.


Welcome to my wordpress blog.

This blog will mainly focus on IT news and tips that I happen to come acros on the vast interweb.You can post questions in the reply’s of the posts or ask them personally if you know me in real life. I will also trry to respond and help people that need guidance in the IT industry.

I’ll boast a little about my current setup then:

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